How the Old Man Lost His Wen

    Long, long ago, there was a happy,go, lucky old man who had a big lump on his cheek. He was a woodcut and every time he chopped wood, his wen -which is what they call lumps like that- would jiggle up and down. That would probably most people crazy, but this old man was so happy,go,lucky that he didn't mind at all.
    Chop, chop. Jiggle, jiggle. Chop, chop.
Jiggle, jiggle.
    Now, it so happened that in the same village lived another old man with a lump on his cheek. But this old man wasn´t so happy-go-lucky. He was, in fact, quite fly and irritable, and his wen bothered him very much. He was always in  a bad mood, and would lose his temper over a trifle. The only thing that made him feel a it better was that the happy-go-lucky old man also had a wen like his.
    One day the happy-go-lucky old man went into the mountains to cut wood. While he was chopping and jiggling, jiggling
and chopping, it began to drizzle and then, suddenly, to rain very hard.
    The old man found shelter in the hollow trunk of a big  tree. He sat down to wait for the rain to stop, and before long he fell fast asleep. By early evening it had stopped rain, ing, but the old man still slept on. Soon it was nighttime, and the moon came out. But the old man continued to snore. Zzzzzz . . .
Phew! Zzzzzz . . . Phew!
    When he finally awoke it was after mid, night, and he could hear music coming from somewhere nearby. The happy-go-lucky old man loved music. He followed the sound to a little clearing in the woods and peeked through the bushes. And guess what he saw!
    A group of demons were dancing around in a circle and singing.
    Chick,a,boom, chick,a,boom, chick,a,boom, boom, boom.
    Red demons, blue demons, big demons, little demons, all of them laughing and dancing and singing and drinking. As happy,go, lucky as the old man was, he knew enough about demons to be afraid of them. But they seemed to be having so much fun. As he stood peeking through the bushes, the old man couldn't help shaking his hips to the music.
    Now if there was anything the old man loved more than listening to music, it was dancing to music. Before he knew it, he had
forgotten all about how scary demons are and trotted out into the clearing to dance and sing along with them.
    "Hey, la,la. Ooh, la,la. Ha,cha,cha!"
    Carried away by the music, the old man danced his way into the center of the circle of demons. The demons couldn't believe
their eyes.
    "Grrr. What's this? Looks like a human. Grrreat dancer, though."
    Soon all the demons were following the old man, trying to move just the way he did.After a while, the head demon even took him by the hand, and together they danced back and forth as the flutes grew louder and the drums beat faster.
    "Shake it, old man, shake it!"
    What a party! They danced and sang the night away. No one even noticed when the eastern sky began to grow light.
    Then: Cock-a-doodle,doo!

    One of the demons tilted his head to one side and said, "Uh,oh. That's the first rooster crowing." Demons, of course, have
to be home by dawn. But the old man and the head demon kept dancing, and didn't stop even after the second rooster had crowed.
    It wasn't until one of the demons tagged him on the shoulder and said, "It's morning, boss. We'd better go," that the head
demon finally stopped. But he kept hold of the old man's hand.
    "Old man," he growled, "you're a grrreat dancer. Grrr. I want you to come again tonight."
    Now that the party was over, the old man returned to his senses. He realized, as if for the first time, that he was surrounded by demons, and he started to tremble and shake in mortal fear.
    "What's the matter?" demanded the head demon. "Are you afraid? Grrr. In that case, I´ll just hold on to this lump of yours ..." He took the old man's wen in his hand and pulled. Pop.
    "You'll get this back tonight. So be sure to be here. Grrr." The head demon waved the old man's wen in front of him. It was
like a big, soft potato.
    The did man was flabbergasted. "He rubbed his cheek-it was flat and smooth. The wen was gone, and there wasn't even a scar!
    Chuckling to himself, the happy-go-lucky old man walked back to his village. He told everyone the story of how he had lost his wen. When the grumpy old man heard about it, you can ima.gine how jealous he was.
    "What? The demons took away your wen? You lucky old devil!" The grumpy old man couldn't bear being the only one in the village with a,lump on his cheek. "Well, then," he thought, "I'll go find those demons and make them take my wen, too!"
    That night he set out for the mountain forest. After walking a long, long way, he finally heard the sound of music. He got to
the clearing and peeked through the bushes and, sure enough, there was a band of horrible,looking demons dancing around excitedly. Their loud grunts and growls struck terror into the grumpy old man's heart. But he had to overcome his fear if he wanted to lose his wen, so he gritted his teeth and stepped out into the clearing.
    "Grrreat! He's here! " cried the demons. All humans, you see, look the same to demons, and they thought this was the old
man who had danced with them the night before.
    "Come on, old man. Dance!"
    Well, this old man not only hated dancing, he was so scared he could barely move. He broke out in a cold sweat as
he shuffled his feet clumsily and sang out of tune.
    "One, two, three, four. How's this? Heh, heh. One, two, three."
    All the demons quit dancing and stared in disgust at the grumpy old man. The music stopped.
    "One, two, th-"
    "That's enough, old man," snarled the head demon, with an angry look on his face.
"Go home."
    Frightened as he was, the old man didn't forget why he'd come in the first place. "M-Mr. Demon," he stammered, "you see this lump on my cheek? Well. . ."
    "What are you mumbling about? Grrr! Look how you ruined our party with your terrible dancing! Here, take your lump and
scram. And don't come back!"
    Now the grumpy old man had two wens one on each cheek. "Wait!" he cried.
    "You've made a mistake!"
    "Shut up! Grr! Come on, everybody. Let's go home."
    The demons disappeared into the forest, leaving the old man all alone, with tears run, ning down his lumpy cheeks. Now he had the happy-go-lucky old man's wen too-and tug and pull as he might, it wouldn't come off.